Greater Good Solar provides the capital for schools and affordable housing units to go solar, all while channeling profits into education funding and green jobs training programs.



Our process

Greater Good Solar develops, finances, and operates commercial-scale solar installations through  Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which gives our customers the ability to access renewable energy without the upfront cost of buying a system themselves. We primarily focus on providing a viable path to renewable energy for low income communities, which allows them to benefit from cost savings and increased funding for education and green jobs training . With a PPA, customers stabilize their cost of energy over the next twenty years, saving on their bills from day one and avoiding the volatility of utility rates.

our impact

Unique to Greater Good Solar's model, we send a portion of our profits back to our customers for green jobs training and educational programming on environmental literacy, health & wellness, and civic engagement. We provide our customers with the benefit of electricity cost savings, increased educational funding, green jobs training, and the opportunity to be a leader of sustainability in their communities.

Our theory of change

At Greater Good Solar we believe that in order to solve our current environmental crisis, we face two problems: that of decreasing carbon emissions, and that of increasing environmental education. Through the power of solar, we are able to address both by helping the transition to renewable energy, and also by funding innovative curriculum in order to prepare the next generation to be positive change-makers and successful stewards of their planet.